About Our Artifical Turf Products

They Questioned When You Said Synthetic, But Then They
… Heard How Much It’s Saving You in Time, Energy and Money,
… Saw How Beautiful, Immaculate And Spotless Your Yard Looks All Year Long
…. And Realize How Much You Seem To Be Enjoying Your Yard With Friends And Family!

Perhaps you are the first one in your neighbourhood to go “full‐time green” with
artificial turf in your yard or you got inspired when you saw the beautiful and well
manicured synthetics around the block.

Either way, when you try to explain your choice to someone new, they push back
with skepticism and an element of shock, until they find out how much you save in
time, energy and money.

Cascade Elite – Our premium product line for people who want the best in life

With the Cascade Elite turf you’ll have heads turning and neighbours whispering
about the most visually stunning artificial turf available. It truly is like you’ve cut
out a piece of heaven’s lawn and placed it into your yard. It is ultra durable and
one of the toughest grasses on the synthetic market. It’s also the only residential FIFA approved turf.

The Bella Turf exclusive WaveBladeTM technology sets this artificial grass apart
from the rest and allows the grass blades to stand up straight even with heavy
traffic and long term compression which means you won’t run into the common
worn out look of less superior turf products.

Not only is it durable and visually stunning, the Cascade Elite artificial turf is one
of the softest in the industry. With Bella Turf’s brow raising maintenance free
grass you’ll always feel like summer has set up a permanent residence in your

Cascade Elite

10 degrees cooler on the hottest days

Elegant And Lush aesthetic

No shine or glare grass blades

Durable Waveblade



Sierra Pacific – Elegance Of The Sierra Pacific Delivers Variety And Quality At An Affordable Price

Prestige and elegance can be added to any garden friendly home with the Sierra
Pacific grass as it blends an authentic olive with field greens and beautiful
yellow/forest green thatch.

Its ability to handle moderate to heavy traffic makes the Sierra Pacific the perfect
grass for both front and back yard or even any high foot traffic entertainment

There is no need to sacrifice a great looking lawn with that “high‐class”
sophistication and aesthetics when the U‐shapeTM fiber technology of the Sierra
Pacific delivers affordability with revolutionary design and durability.

Sierra Pacific

15 degrees cooler on the hottest days

Elegant And Lush aesthetic

No shine or glare grass blades

Pet Friendly

City and Strata Approved

Many major cities and strata councils have already approved the use of synthetic turf 


Satisfaction Guarantee

We don’t believe a job is done until you are 100% satisfied.

Low Maintenance & Eco-Friendly

No mowing. No Watering. reduces water usage. Green lawn all year!


10 Year Warranty

Your artificial turf is a long-lasting investment backed by a 10-year warranty.



All of our artificial turf products are child-friendly and can endure excessive wear and abuse



Artificial turf includes thousands of pounds of fill as well as a secure method of pinning the edges so the turf will remain in place even with a large dog. Plus no more digging!

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